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About the Economic Continuity Alliance


The Mission of the Economic Continuity Alliance is to create continuous sustainable economic opportunities for communities and minority owned businesses by eliminating barriers through providing resources, training, access to capital and supplier/buyer engagement utilizing corporate and community leaders as solution agents.


The vision of ECA is to become the go-to organization for information and services that provide access, opportunities, equity and diversity and inclusion for communities.


The Economic Continuity Alliance is an organization that provides supportive services to minority businesses to increase the number of minority start-ups and strengthen existing businesses preparing them to compete and excel.  The Economic Continuity Alliance was created to serve minority owned businesses in the tri-county area surrounding Charleston, South Carolina.  Our reach has expanded throughout the state and beyond due to the demand for the services we offer.  


Traditionally and measurably, Black and other minority businesses have not fared well within the regional or state level.  There has been limited capacity for inclusion from buying organizations and a minimal focus on minority business development to include tracking and reporting outcomes. The onset of Covid-19 ravaged businesses of color.  There were not enough points of access in the Lowcountry region to address their extensive needs. ECA will bridge the gap and fulfill those needs as the regions go-to organization for minority business development and sustainability.

The need for flourishing community programs, and how to structure and implement them has broadened the scope of how ECA serves those who need economic sustainability the most.  We are excited about partnerships and programs that we have developed and new ones emerging.  Our dedication to building communities by building those who live in them is a key priority for the years to come.

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Core Values

The core values of the ECA are represented as our nine pillars that we believe uphold our organization and set the standard for service delivery to our members and our community:

  • Leadership

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Professionalism

  • Commitment

  • Reliability

  • Sustainability

  • Excellence

  • Courage


The goals of the ECA are:

  • Identify and promote minority business members

  • Obtain corporate members and buyers who will help foster buyer/supplier regional participation and create regional spend goals

  • Increase economic opportunities through contracts and procurement

  • Remove barriers to successful business growth such as access to capital 

  • Provide opportunities for networking and professional communication 

  • Produce measurements and metrics for minority business activity

  • Identify and secure services that enhance business growth

  • Unify the region's corporate and community leadership and utilize them as solution agents


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